Monday, April 04, 2005


I admit it,

I admit it, I voted for President Bush. I used the tried and true test of voting for the person I thought would hurt me the least. I expected to get hurt by Bush but not as bad as if Kerry had been elected. I must say that my perceptions of Bush were incorrect. I thought he was open to cogent argument in policy contraire. I thought that he would be a better protector of the security of the United States.....nope. One glaring example of his failure to protect the integrity of the country is his reluctance to secure our borders and his continuing defering to Vincente Fox and his plan to "Mexicanize" the southwest. I don't understand the why illegal aliens are constantly refered to as undocumented workers, they are illegally in the United States and therfore criminals, not someone who misplaced their union card. I have absolutely no issue with importing labor as long as it is controlled. I have absolutely no issue with legal immigration but I have great difficulty with illegals coming to this country and draining the resources we fund through our taxes for citizens and legal immigants. I am not xenophobic, I'm just concerned that the country is being innundated with folks who do not contribute to the health and well being of the economy. The very worst of these are the violent illegals such as MS-13 which is spreading violence throughout the country espcially in the northeast. With the exception of native americans, and they came before we had immigration laws, we are all here by immigration. The difference is that in the majority of the cases prior to the last 40 years we came legally, learned the language and assimilated. This is not the case today. The first step is to secure our borders, next we must identify illegals and deport them, we must also develop a system by which guest workers can come here, work, be accounted for and be assured that when their time here expires they leave. We must also look at the legal imigration laws, they need review, for example why does a child born in this country of illegal or non residents automatically become elligable for citizensship? This child can then legally import his entire extended family. Makes no sense to me. By the way, ENGLISH is the official language of the United States, if you want to live here and function in society you must speak it. Ah well, enough is enough at least for now.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Did I miss something in the Schiavo case?

Did I miss something in the Schiavo case? All I have heard is she is in a "persistent vegatative state". Well if she is she is not alone. The only extraneous "life support" she is receiving is feeding, no other artificial means are being employed to sustain her life, i.e. heart/lung machine, dialysis, etc. What about all the folks on "real" life support, what about quadraplegics? All of these people either have the same or more requirement to sustaing their lives then Ms. Schiavo. My opinion of when a decision to end someone's life is valid is when the cessation of the aforementioned life support devices would result in death within minutes, not a lingering death by starvation and dehydration over weeks. The decision to do this to Ms. Schiavo bodes ill for all of us.

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